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Freedom of Information Law  

The Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) grants the public access to most government records.

You may submit a request for records under FOIL via e-mail to: FOILREQUEST@BRONXDA.NYC.GOV.

Please be advised that the Bronx District Attorney’s Office presently possesses only a limited ability to transmit records electronically.  Therefore, we will satisfy a limited number of FOIL requests via e-mail to the extent we are able.  We will satisfy the vast majority of FOIL requests with copies sent via standard mail.  The following fees apply: $0.25 per page; $0.50 per page for color copies; $5.00 per audio recording; and $15.00 per video recording. Please specify the record(s) you wish to obtain with as much exactness as you can. The following information will help us to locate the record(s) you seek: name(s) of defendant(s); and indictment and/or docket number(s).

In accordance with FOIL, the Bronx District Attorney’s Office may deny access to records or portions thereof that contain information that may be withheld according to law.