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2018 Press Releases


28. 4/17/2018

William Whitfield (Sentenced: Former inmate sentenced to 11 years in prison for brutal slashing of NYC Department of Correction Officer in 2015)

27. 3/27/2018

Jonathan Hodgson (Sentenced: Rikers Island inmate sentenced to 20 years in prison for brutal unprovoked attack of mental health counselor)

26. 3/26/2018

Dalen Joseph (Sentenced: Bronx teen sentenced to 15 years to life in prison for killing man he purchased cellphone from through Craigslist)

25. 3/20/2018

Sparkle Daniel (Sentenced: Woman who suffocated 91-year-old woman gets 25 years to life in prison)

24. 3/20/2018

Steven Espinal, Devin Burns, Nazeem Francis and Samson Waltson (Indicted: Four inmates indicted in brutal gang assault of Correction Officer)

23. 3/19/2018

Yousi Edwards (Sentenced: Man sentenced to 18 years in prison for fatally shooting man after dispute)

22. 3/16/2018

Michael Longo (Sentenced:  Man sentenced to maximum term in fatal hit-and-run)

21. 3/5/2018

Frank Ellis (Pleads Guilty: Bronx man pleads guilty to killing man during fight; to be sentenced to 15 years to life in prison)

20. 3/2/2018

Serenity Dunham and Tiffany Nurse (Indicted: Two Bronx women indicted on Assault charges for brutally beating seven months-pregnant woman)

19. 3/2/2018

14 members of crack-dealing group that plagued John Adam Houses indicted on Conspiracy and Narcotics charges

18. 3/1/2018

Travis Bloch (Sentenced: Man sentenced to 25 years in prison for killing 14-year-old boy on his way to school)

17. 2/28/2018

Angel Martinez (Indicted: Building super indicted on Predatory Sexual Assault Against A Child, Rape and other charges attacks on girls)

16. 2/27/2018

Shaun Lewis (Sentenced: Man sentenced to 15 years in prison for attacking two females he knocked unconscious and left semi-naked)

15. 2/22/2018

Noel Morales (Indicted: Bronx man indicted on Assault charges for beating 4-year-old daughter with baseball bat)

14. 2/22/2018

Wilfred and Charlotte Lewis (Indicted: Bronx parents indicted on Endangerment charges for leaving 5-year-old son alone in home riddled with vermin and feces)

13. 2/20/2018

Kathleen Bradshaw: (Pleads Guilty: Bronx lawyer repays $34,600 after pleading guilty to failing to file taxes for three years)

12. 2/16/2018

Stephen Richardson: (Indicted: Man indicted in fatal stabbing of pit bull dog left in his care by owner)

11. 02/15/2018

Bronx District Attorney Darcel D. Clark statement on not guilty verdict for NYPD Sergeant Hugh Barry

10. 1/31/2018

Darrell Gibbs (Pleads Guilty: Former NYCHA employee to get 25 years in prison for fatally beating live-in girlfriend with hammer )


Bronx DA and New York City Corporation Counsel announce lawsuit against North Carolina cigarette bootleggers

9. 1/29/2018

Bronx DA askes Judge to vacate murder conviction and dismiss indictment of Bronx man; he is freed after 20 years in prison

8. 1/29/2018

Bronx DA, NYS Courts announce New York City's first court offering pre-plea treatment to offenders at risk of opioid overdose: "Overdose Avoidance and Recovery" diversion program aims to end cycle of substance abuse and arrest

7/ 1/26/2018

Bronx District Attorney Darcel D. Clark announces she will move to vacate murder conviction of Bronx man and consent to his release after 20 years in prison

6. 1/25/2018

Shaun Lewis (Pleads Guilty: Man who  attacked two females, knocking them unconscious, pleads guilty; to be sentenced to 15 years in prison)

5. 1/24/2018

Roberto Martinez (Sentenced: Man who slammed puppy to floor, injuring her leg so badly it needed amputation, sentenced to one year in jail)

4. 1/11/2018

Paulette New and Angela Grindley (Indicted: Two Bronx daycare workers indicted for stealing nearly $130,000 from non-profit organization)

3. 1/10/2018

Jason DeJesus (Sentenced: Latin King sentenced to 25 years to life in prison for killing man to send message to rival drug dealer)

2. 1/04/2018

Aniah Ferguson (Pleads Guilty: Woman pleads guilty to assaulting NYC Correction Captain in Rikers Island)

1. 1/05/2018

Randolph Price (Indicted: NYPD Sergeant indicted in off-duty crash that killed rookie cop near City Island after a night of drinking)